"Nigel Warburton is a freelance philosopher, podcaster and writer, described by Julian Baggini as 'one of the most-read popular philosophers of our time'. His books include A Little History of Philosophy, Philosophy, The BasicsPhilosophy: The ClassicsThinking from A to ZThe Art Question, and Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction. He is the interviewer for the popular Philosophy Bites podcast which he makes with David Edmonds and which has been downloaded over 28 million times, and has formed the basis of three books Philosophy Bites, Philosophy Bites Back, and Philosophy Bites Again (all published by OUP). He is also the co-producer of the Social Science Bites podcast and co-edited the book Big Ideas in Social Science (SAGE) that was based on this series. He was previously Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the Open University and Lecturer in Philosophy at Nottingham University. He regularly teaches courses on aesthetics at Tate Modern. On Twitter, as @philosophybites, he has featured in both the Indendent and Sunday Times lists of top 100 twitterati. Nigel is also a frequent contributor to BBC radio programmes."